Table Tennis current hours of operations:

Wed-Fri 4-9pm

Sat 11am-7pm

Sun 12-6pm

Greetings All, This is Ron Spencer, Coordinator and Table Tennis instructor at the newly opened West Oaks Table Tennis Club in the West Oaks Mall in Ocoee, FL. I want to wish everyone a very healthy, happy and harmonious 2015. “May every second be a plus, every minute an adventure and everyday a cherished memory” I would like to thank everyone that has stopped by the club over the past several months to chat, explore and hit a few balls. To the person each of you expressed how great an idea it was of having a table tennis facility in the mall. I think someone even said “What better place than the mall.” It is a very true statement. It was mentioned to me more times than I can count how great the West Oaks Mall was at one time. And to the person everyone agrees they have seen a definite positive change in many ways. To long time residence of the area, let me assure you that the West Oaks Mall is in very capable hands. There are many plans in the works and headed by talented people. Stick around, the show has only begun! The table tennis club is part of the restart. My goal is to expose as many people as possible to a fun sport they might otherwise never learn about. If I can show you how to rally fast and have fun then this game gets into your blood. The next time you go to shop at the mall, you will have a racket in your hand! I have played and instructed table tennis for over 20 years. I have worked with ages 7 to 70 and I know there is no indoor sport more fun, more captivating and healthier than table tennis. I believe in this sports ability to span all walks of life. Go to any table tennis tournament and I assure you that you will see the most diverse sporting event you have ever seen; even more than soccer. The enjoyment of table tennis spans virtually all logistical, social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. I have seen entire communities centered on table tennis. And for many years, the mall has centered this community in much the same way. So folks, that's it. That's what the West Oaks Table Tennis Club is all about. Just Community, fun, exercise, learning something new, or relearn something old you did as a kid. There is no pressure, no skill level you have to be, no mandate or expectation of coaching and no club rules to force you to play games. It’s very kick-back and its all for fun. If you need answers on rules and pointers, that's what I am there for. Likewise, if you were to decide you want to test your skills and play a USATT sanctioned tournament then I can prepare for that level as well. This is the official club email. Please send your comments, feedback and suggestions I want to hear from you. Attached are documents for the hours, weekend classes and pricing of table and racket rental. Everyone have a great New Year and I will see you at a table soon! Thank you, Ron Spencer WOTTC Coordinator and Instructor

For more information contact:  or 619-394-3546